Eat your Cum!

For many men, the desire to ingest their own spunk has a femdom slant. But there are many ways to explore the fantasy. Perhaps in the cum eating phone sex fantasy, you’re just so turned on by the woman you’ll do anything she wants you to do - including eating your own cum.

"Make me eat my own cum!" is something I hear that a lot. If you are curious about tasing your own cum, you’re certainly not alone! You may be shy or embarrassed to talk about this curiousity or desire, but knowing that there are many men out there who fantasize about being seduced by a sexy woman into tasting their own sticky goo will make you more comfortable exploring your cum eating fantasies.

Sometimes, the first experience a man has with tasting his own cum is accidental! Accidental cum tasting can happen with an unusually powerful ejaculation, and a wide open, moaning mouth - you get the picture.

If you are curious about it, don’t be shy, ask me for a special task, like 7 Ways I would make you eat your cum